The 2015 SHOT Show ends shortly.

It has been a great ride. Thank you for joining with us for the past four days. This years coverage was far more devoted to videos on new products. We hope this made it easier to learn about guns you may want to order and purchase. Early indications are that sales are good on the SHOT Show Specials, but they are nearly always limited production runs and can be difficult to get without a little prior planning. Go on and hunt down the specials to get a few more details. If you like what you see it is important to talk to your favorite dealer to find out if he or she ordered any.

To go directly to the SHOT Show Specials simply click here.

glenn hatt specials

I have my own favorites right now and it won’t take long to review the list.

We hope you will join us next year at the 2016 SHOT Show. Expect many exciting new products and a great deal of excitement since 2016 is the 150th Anniversary of Winchester.

Take care until then, and don’t be afraid to buy a few guns this year. As those of us who love the Winchester tradition often express to others: “you can never have too many guns.”



Take a virtual tour of the Winchester Repeating Arms booth.



Details and more details on the new XPR.

Engineer/Designer Nick Shafer walks you through the finer details of the new XPR bolt action rifle, on display here at the 2015 SHOT Show.

The SHOT Show 2015 has officially started.

These photos were taken just as the show started . . . and a bit later when Melissa Bachman and Steve Gould dropped into the booth. As one of outdoor TV’s most popular personalities and hosts, Melissa has a very busy schedule and is in high demand here at SHOTs. Steve Gould (and brother Aaron, not shown) are having fun at the SHOT Show today after putting on a full exhibition performance yesterday for the media. No two guys could be more effective spokesmen for the full line of Winchester shotguns than the Gould brothers.

Yesterday out at the range. Milissa Bachman and the Gould Brothers.

Each year the Winchester team (guns and ammo) spend part of the day before SHOT Show with the media at a nearby range. This year our Pro-Staffers got a chance to go into the details on the new Winchester products like the XPR and the 20 gauge SXP. Plus many new Winchester ammo loads.


Melissa Bachman talks about the SPR.

The Gould Brothers doing a show for the media.


Crazy day at Winchester — Show Starts Tomorrow.

It takes days to put a trade show together. But the Winchester product team is finally putting the guns on the walls and displays, and in the past few hours the advertising team has been getting all the signage in place. Even though there are still many boxes around and the plastic is still on the floor it is looking pretty good.

Tomorrow will be the onslaught — with over 80,000 attendees expected here at the Sands Conventions Center in Las Vegas. The entire Winchester family — ammo, guns and other products — are in the central part of the exhibit hall, right were the traffic passes. So we expect a huge number of people in the booth as soon as the doors open.

2015 SHOT Show is coming fast.


shot show logo on whiteThe annual SHOT Show is a big deal for Winchester Repeating Arms. In fact it is a pretty big deal for everyone who loves hunting, shooting and the outdoors. But, since it is a trade show, this means attendance is limited to store buyers, store owners (and staff), the media and outdoor/gun writers. This is not the show for the rest of us like the NRA show or one of the many hunting expos across the country. This is the show where the dealers gather to order their new products for the new year — and to get their first chance to look at the new introductions up close.

Of course it is where we officially introduce most of our new products to the hunting and shooting industry. And it is where we announce the exclusive SHOT Show Special guns — some of the most interesting and rarest guns we make.

This is usually everyone’s first chance to touch and operate the new guns. And some writers and TV personalities even attend a special Winchester range day  (the day before the show) to try them out. The range day is when many of the articles on new products are researched by the writers, and these articles show up throughout the coming year.

This is our first entry in the Winchester Repeating Arms SHOT Show blog. We will be posting a few updates in the next few days before the show and be sure to check back on January 20th to read our blog, view special videos and get all the details on the new rifles and shotguns from Winchester.

If you have never seen what a SHOT Show looks like view this virtual booth walk-through taken at the 2014 show.


Day 3 of the 2014 SHOT Show

Still going strong...

Still going strong…

Winchester Model 1873 Case Hardened

The 1873 is often touted as “The gun that won the West”, and it holds a special fascination for those who love to shoot and collect historically significant firearms.

Case color hardening gives the appearance of traditional case hardening to give a beautiful and authentic look to the receiver, but plate, and fore-end cap. The color of the steel complements the amazing grain of the grade II/III walnut used in the stock and fore-end.

The Model 1873 Case Hardened

The Model 1873 Case Hardened

Fore-end cap and octagon barrel

Fore-end cap and octagon barrel

Case color hardened receiver

Case color hardened receiver

Model 70 Super Grade – Short Action

For the first time in almost 20 years, the Model 70 Super Grade will be produced in with a short action. The Super Grade magnifies the high quality traditional workmanship that goes into every Model 70, and turns a precision tool into a functional work of art.

Winchester Model 70 Super Grade

Each super grade features Grade IV/V marble-grained walnut, finely checkered with a shadowline cheekpiece. The deep bluing on the barrel, receiver and bottom metal, has been highly polished to a beautiful and durable sheen.

New short action calibers added to the Fall 2014 catalog are 270 Winchester Short Magnum and 300 Winchester Short Magnum. For the 2014 SHOT Show, there will be a limited run of Super Grades chambered for 243 Winchester, 7mm-08 Remington and 308 Winchester.

Model 70 Super Grade

Model 70 Super Grade

Model 70 Super Grade jeweled bolt

Model 70 Super Grade jeweled bolt

Model 70 Super Grade, grade IV/V walnut

Model 70 Super Grade, grade IV/V walnut